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Welcome to Authentic Shilajit UK, your premium source for organic & pure himalayan Shilajit resin. As one of the best Shilajit companies in the UK, we offer natural and authentic products for your wellness journey. Explore the benefits of this ancient remedy with confidence, knowing you’re getting the finest Shilajit resin in the UK. Experience the power of nature with Authentic Shilajit.

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Authentic Shilajit- authentic pure himalayan shilajit


100% Pure -Authentic – Certified Shilajit



Authentic Shilajit- pure himalayan shilajit resin UK

We are all worthy of leading a healthy life... Good Health is the best Wealth!

Authentic Shilajit® is a UK-based company and we source our Shilajit from the same place as it has been sourced for centuries – the Himalayas.

It has the Highest Ionic Mineral Absorption. Rarest & Most Potent Form of Shilajit. Powerful Phytocomplex Fulvic Acid. Premium Grade.

Hand-harvested by indigenous farming families without any middleman.

“Shilajit Resin by Authentic Shilajit® is the highest-quality Shilajit on earth with the best quality control.”

Certified and LAB Tested For Purity 

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Shilajit comes from high altitudes and is an organic mineral complex which is a powerhouse of nutrients, natural elements, and biologically active organic substances that the human body can easily assimilate. It contains over 85 vital minerals, such as zinc, magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium magnesium, gold and copper.



Shilajit ~ Nature’s most powerful gift also known as “Nectar of God” and “Destroyer of Weakness” is a blackish-brownish resin from layers of rock in high altitude mountain ranges throughout the world, including the Himalayan, Tibetan, and Altai mountains – Himalayan being the pre-eminent – and is an organic mineral complex which is a powerhouse of nutrients, natural elements, and biologically active organic substances that the human body can easily assimilate. It contains over 85 vital minerals, such as zinc, magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium magnesium, gold, and copper.

The important compounds of shilajit are almost all colour pigments. They include:

Humic acids (brown-black): These are the principal carbon-based compounds of soils. Ashless humic acids and humates are the principal active ingredients of Shilajit. These have anti-viral effects. Humic acids are known to partially neutralize graphene oxide in aquatic environments. (

Fulvic acid (brown-black): This is a lighter form of humic acid containing more oxygen. Fulvic acid is a “carrier molecule” that helps transport nutrients to and away from cells. Fulvic acid is excellent for detoxification.

Dibenzo-alpha pyrones and biphenylcarboxylates (brown): These are the unique health-giving compounds in shilajit. They help with energy production in the cell via epigenetic signalling (on the cell membrane). These compounds are believed to work synergistically with hemp and balance out the effects of cannabis.

Phenolic acids (colourless or pale yellow): These are the basic building blocks of flavonoids. They are co-enzymes that boost the absorption of nutrients like vitamin C.

Iron-containing quinones (yellow to red): These compounds may act like super antioxidants.

Important colourless compounds in Shilajit include:

Phospholipids (oils): These help with the uptake of omega-3 fatty acids.

Triterpenes: These are bitter cancer-fighting compounds often found in medicinal mushrooms.

Authentic Shilajit® outperforms all conventionally made Shilajit and Mumie resins in quality and efficacy.

It’s the Perfect Survival Food in these times of Super high radiation around us.

Authentic Shilajit- organic shilajit UK
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100% Pure Himalayan GILGIT Authentic Shilajit

Shilajit Purity Test:

Our Shilajit becomes a paste-like substance at normal roomtemperature, to quote: “Dr. Edward F. Group III, DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM If it’s SOLID at room temperature, you’ve got hold of something that is of questionable quality. Shilajit should taste bitter, have a brownish-blackish colour, and melt in your hand.”
  • Solubility Test Pure Shilajit dissolves completely in plain warm water. Add a small portion of Shilajit paste to a glass of water, it will start dissolving slowly in the water, and within a very short time, it gets fully dissolved imparting a golden black colour to the water. If the Shilajit doesn’t mix properly in water, it is not a pure one or not of good quality.
  • Pliability Pure Shilajit always remains in its original form. It gets melted in the hands and becomes sticky. Also, if it is placed in the refrigerator, the Shilajit becomes extremely hard. It will shatter just like glass if struck with a hammer. But, while carrying out these processes, make sure to keep it in a plastic bag to prevent the loss of this valuable herbal formulation.
  • FlammabilityShilajit will not burn like a candle or light in the fire. If Shilajit is heated with a mini torch, it forms bubbles and gives rise to ash, which emanates outward. But it won’t get burned. If it forms smoke, it is not the original Shilajit.


Over 95% of “Shilajit supplements” on the market are imitations containing little to no genuine substance, sold in a powdered form, or turned into Shilajit capsules. Real Shilajit, as described in the ancient Vedic medical text Charaka Samhita, was always a resin. The same substance known as Mumie or Moomijo used in the North by Siberian natives was always in resin form as well. Powdered varieties usually get their bioactive from soil extractions with some actual resin added to them. Fillers are generally used to give the pretence of having more while keeping the price down. Various terms like “natural” or “organic” are usually on the label.

The manufacturers hype the origins too by claiming that it is “Himalayan Shilajit” or “Nepali Shilajit,” as an attempt to add legitimacy.

Some manufacturers also tend to overemphasize fulvic acid content, an ingredient found in soils and used in fertilizer. When it comes to efficacy, fulvic acid content depends significantly on the source. Fulvic acid extracted from soil remains substandard, as compared to that contained in Shilajit. Furthermore, what makes Authentic Shilajit® unique are its ashless humic acids, and not merely its fulvic acid content.

Organic, Natural, and Pure

Our Shilajit is Potent and Pure

Authentic Shilajit® is always exerting to improve its formulation. Our elite resin outperforms all other authentic resins in efficacy. Authentic Shilajit® is a choice of world-class athletes and reputable physicians.


Authentic Shilajit- Himalayan Shilajit in UK


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100% Pure Himalayan GILGIT Authentic Shilajit


Authentic Shilajit- organic shilajit uk


best quality shilajit uk


Authentic Shilajit- organic shilajit


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